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Carl Giles was born in Islington, north London, on 29 September 1916. His father, Albert Giles, was a tobacconist, and his mother was the daughter of a Norfolk farmer. Leaving school aged fourteen, his early training was in animation and eventually moved into cartoons working for Reynolds News, then for the Sunday Express and Daily Express in 1943, eventually replacing Strube. 

In 1945 he became the Daily Express "War Correspondent Cartoonist" with the 2nd Army. Giles was best known for his Express "family", which first appeared in a published cartoon on 5 August 1945, and had enormous popular appeal and in 1959 he was awarded the OBE.  Giles parted company with the Daily Express in 1989 but continued working for the Sunday Express until 1991. Giles died in hospital in Ipswich, Suffolk, on 27 August 1995.  A full biography.....

The following are glimpses into Giles' life based material from the Giles Collection, his personal archive donated to the British Cartoon Archive in 2005.



Carl Giles Archive 5849 original artwork, pulls, sketches, annuals, Christmas cards, studio contents, awards, correspondence, reference pictures, photographs.

The Carl Giles Archive can be browsed via the British Cartoon Archive catalogue under collection reference CG.



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Giles' grandma was an inspiring cartoonist myself, Giles has really motivated me to add detail to my drawings oh and lots of wind and rain-which, when added to a drawing of a street for example, really add atmosphere. Flipping through one of Giles' many annuals would never fail to cause me to pick up a pencil afterwards and attempt a drawing of my own...which would always invariably turn out to be a disappointment. Anyway, Giles is a genius of a cartoonist.
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