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The British Cartoon Archive holds collections by over three hundred cartoonists. Many of these have been digitised and catalogued, and can be found among the 170,000 digitised items on the BCA website.

However, the BCA holds large amounts of material which have not been digitised or catalogued, including several significant collections of cartoons. The collections which await cataloguing and in some cases further research include:-

  • over 6,000 editorial cartoons by Poy [Percy Fearon] published  between 1905-37 in the Evening and Sunday Chronicle, Evening News and Daily Mail and the Weekly and Daily Dispatch, held as newspaper cuttings and some artwork
  • an archive of material by Kem [Kim Marengo] who ran the Kem Unit in the Political Information Department of the Foreign Office during World War II
  • letters, press cuttings, posters by Sidney [George] Strube
  • over 1,000 pieces of artwork and cuttings of editorial cartoons by Gabriel [Jimmy Friell] published in the Daily Worker, Evening Standard between 1936-60
  • over 6,000 pieces of artwork for If... strips and editorial cartoons by Steve Bell published between 1982-2012 in the Guardian
  • over 2,000 pieces of artwork for pocket cartoons by Jon [William John Philpin Jones] published in the Daily Mail 1975-1980, 6 boxes, 3 folders artwork, correspondence, books, cuttings
  • over 2,500 pieces of artwork for pocket cartoons by Mel Calman published in The Times 1980-1986
  • over 8,000 pieces of artwork for pocket cartoons by David Austin published in a variety of publications including the Guardian
  • over 10,000 pieces of artwork by Trog [Wally Fawkes] including the Flook strip, published in a variety of publications including, Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph, Punch, Observer etc
  • over 2,500 pieces of artwork by Michael Cummings and 35 cuttings books of cartoons published in the Daily Express 1948-1990
  • over 3,000 pieces of artwork by Reg Smythe of the Andy Capp strip from 1963-1972
  • over 2,000 pieces of artwork by Stanley Franklin from 1950s to the 1990s
  • over 9,000 pieces of artwork by Kenneth Mahood published in the Daily Mail 1982-2004
  • over 400 pieces of artwork by Dave Brown published in the Independent
  • over 4,000 pieces of artwork by Colin Wheeler published in a variety of publications
  • over 3,000 pieces of artwork by Peter Aldor published in Colombian newspapers between 1949-1980
  • over 1,000 pieces of artwork by a variety of artists published in Punch in the early 1970s
  • more cartoons by John Jensen published in Punch and various other publications
  • more cartoons by Nicholas Garland from the Specatator, New Statesman and the Daily Telegraph
  • over 1,000 pieces of artwork by Mac [Stan McMurtry] published in the Daily Mail 1980-2000
  • artwork and sketches by Ionicus [J.C. Armitage]
  • correspondence, artwork and sketches by Timothy Birdsall
  • over 1,000 pieces of artwork by Ken Pyne
  • over 300 pieces of artwork by Larry [Terence Parkes]
  • over 400 pieces of artwork by Donald Rooum published in Peace News and the Spectator
  • artwork and cuttings of cartoon strips Teddy Tail, Double Trouble, Gog, Carol Day, Tiffany Jones, The Affairs of Eve, Spotlight on Sally, Mark and Misette, Mr Midge, Fosby, Carmen and Co., Anagrins, The Nitelys, Paul Temple, Matt Marriott, Tug Transom, Scott Lanyard, Garth, Gun Law, James Bond, Jeff Hawke, Flub, Moomins, the Fosdykes by Bill Tidy, Gammidge, The Seekers, The Flutters, Wack, Gonks, Useless Eustace, Colonel Pewter, Perishers, Animal Crackers, Tintin
  • over 1,000 pieces of artwork by Jack Dunkley for The Larks strip
  • over 7,000 pieces of artwork and sketches by Bernard Hollowood
  • over 1,500 pieces of artwork by Leslie Gibbard for Channel 4's A Week in Politics
  • over 1,000 pieces of artwork by Martin Rowson published in Daily Mirror, the Scotsman, Scotsman on Sunday, Time Out between 1990 and 2006
  • over 4,000 pieces of artwork by Hector Breeze
  • over 300 pieces of artwork by Edward McLachlan published in the 1970s
  • artwork and copies of cartoons by John Kent published in The Times up to 2003 and an archive of sketches and cuttings
  • 97 pieces of artwork by Humphrey Lyttleton
  • 3 boxes of artwork by Bill Martin
  • 2 pieces of artwork by H.M. Bateman
  • 22 pieces of artwork by Alex Graham, Fred Bassett strip
  • some 50 pieces of artwork by Edgar Spenceley
  • over 50 pieces of artwork by Martyn Turner
  • over 100 pieces of artwork by Keith Waite
  • over 30 pieces of artwork by Frank Boyle
  • 10 pieces of artwork by Sherriffs
  • 2 shelves of artwork, sketches and cuttings by Fantoni
  • 3 shelves of archive papers and artwork by Pont [Graham Laidler]
  • 11 prints and 14 artworks by Bill Stott
  • a cuttings book of cartoons by George Whitelaw published in the Daily Herald 1940-1948
  • the Bernard Juby collection of artwork, photocopies, cuttings and ephemera about magic and magicians
  • 1 box of archive material about Alick Ritchie
  • 1 box of archive material about Tom Cottrell
  • 2 boxes of cuttings, sketches and artwork by Sillince
  • 1 filing cabinet, cuttings books, photographs cuttings and correspondence with cartoonistts gathered by Keith MacKenzie, art editor of the Daily Mail
  • papers relating to the organisation of the exhibition "Drawn and Quartered! and the National Portrait Gallery in 1972 gathered by one of the organisers, John Jensen
  • 2 folders of archive material compiled by the cartoonistt Kevin Woodcock
  • research material on the history of Punch magazine by Peter Mellini
  • 10 box files of photocopies of archival material relating to David Low
  • 3 box files of archival material relating to Donald McGill
  • 18 pieces of original artwork by various artists on the Channel Tunnel
  • 8 shelves of Punch magazine 1926-1985
  • 7 shelves of Private Eye magazine 1962-2007
  • 1 shelf of Lilliput magazine
  • 1 box of Razzle periodical
  • 1 box Krokodil (Russian periodical)

Please contact us if you would like more information on these collections.

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