British Cartoon Archive


No biography available.



3 uncatalogued originals [KE0001 - 0003]
1 box originals, cuttings and photographs of originals
9 cuttings books
1 box Evening News cuttings, 1/1 - 31/12/1980
Following items donated by Keith Mackenie:
1 box Cecil Beaton (misc. related items)
1 box various framed photographs (feat. Charles Schultz)
1 box British Cartoonists Association 'Drawn and Quartered' exhibition (misc. related items)
1 filing cabinet of material. Boxed and listed by R Dickinson 2015.
1 George Whitelaw cuttings book
Strip cuttings (with provenance)


30s; 40s; 50s; 60s; 70s

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